Design Punch
Design Punch is a podcast about creatives all over the world. They will told us about their work and passion.
Made by Sanch
How it’s like to be a digital nomad?
Nelly Kam — Episode 1
Nelly Kam is a product designer at Alan App. I met her a few months ago on a Baikal Design Camp called BDSL. Nelly is gorgeous. She is a digital nomad for a long time. Every three month she changes the place and going somewhere new. It's so interesting that I called her and we are talked about digital nomading and how to make it.
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Being a Creative Director.
Nick Gluhih — Episode 2
A year ago I was in a design conference called CHIPEC. It was cool and there I met Nick. Nick is great. He actually does a lot of things. But mainly he is a creative director at his own agency WOW based in Novosibirsk and Beijing. One day we're met and talk about how it's like to be a creative director in an agency.
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